Monday, August 22, 2016

June 3, 2016:

I’m playing golf tomorrow at 6:30 Am. Looking forward to it! It’s always nice to be up so early. Today, I went to an internet cafĂ© where I watched videos about gratitude and the science of happiness. I also invested some time into learning further about investing, which is what I am doing a lot of right now. And making money at! I think it’s Psalm 100:4 that says to be thankful and show it. I have been learning to be grateful again with this journal. And believe me when I say that it has helped a lot. But there is one aspect of this gratitude issue that I have been neglecting. I want to start expressing gratitude a lot more. I remember when I first met my friends a lot of whom I still hang out with, I used to thank them and show my gratefulness that they were in my life. Not as much as I should have. But I made much more of an effort back then. Because I truly valued them and the efforts that they too were making. I want to remind myself that I am worthy of friends, happiness and love. But these things are not going to come without any cost. So to speak, they are free gifts that we give each other. But, we have to put effort into them as well. I am very thankful for everything in my life right now. Today, I saw a pair of pigeons who were coupling off, walking everywhere together and kissing each other. I am learning to love myself and that, I think, is a great foundation.

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