Monday, August 22, 2016

March 28, 2016:

I woke up this morning to go to Mass at St. Patrick’s. Later today, I’ll go to the gym. I’m going to buy some canvas too. I should begin this entry with a couple of days ago. Saturday, I put my suit on that I got at least five years ago. When I got it then, it was pretty tight on me. And as the years passed, I just grew bigger and bigger. Until I wouldn’t fit in the suit at all. On Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised that it fit better than it ever had. I was comfortable in it. Anyways, I went to my buddy’s wedding later that day after doing some things. I was a little overwhelmed as I tend to get and so my body was pretty tense. But I calmed down eventually. The ceremony was beautiful. It was so nice to see my friends share this experience and I was so happy for them. I felt badly because I had to leave a bit early. From there, I went to my Confirmation. It was a great ceremony. Very powerful. It lasted about three hours. My Sponsor dropped me at home afterwards where I prayed and meditated and spent some time with God. I know I said I was going to do a painting that night but I was so tired. I will try to do one tonight after the gym. The next day, Sunday, I slept for a while into the morning but went to church for Mass at 5pm.

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