Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some Thoughts:

God is certainly present in church. The Holy Mass is where we encounter the true body and flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ. You can speak to God wherever you are. God isn’t only present in the church. We go there to encounter Him and to worship Him because we love Him. Though God isn’t only present in the physical building of the church. We all have the ability to speak and cry out to a God who will love us in spite of our pains, in spite of what we have done. God is present in the body of Christ; the followers of Christ. I guess the point of this entry is to let you know that God sees your hurts and your sufferings. He sees your offerings and your accomplishments. And, if you turn to Him and His love, He will reward and glorify you. What a joy that we can come before His throne and He will hear us! Entertainment and art serve many purposes. The greatest of all is the expression of the human spirit and our feelings as a community. Art and music are never irrelevant. I guess I just want to guard at all times, what I allow into my heart, soul and mind, knowing the enormously influential pathos of what we see to shape our world beliefs. Never forget their place and purpose in our society is to entertain. It’s not about what enters your stomach. It’s about what comes out of your heart in your words and actions. Life is about more than the popular trends, looking good and even, often, how we act and what we say. I have absolute faith that things will get better first. Please keep faith in a God who will certainly do what He has promised you and would never hurt you. Speaking about what I am feeling is always a good release. I think the outlet for shame, as crying is for sorrow, as yelling or lashing out in a healthy way is for anger, is having an environment where you are able to verbally express yourself uninhibited. I intend to paint a couple of more paintings. I intend to finish writing a couple things I have started. I don’t know right now whether people believe me. I wouldn’t expect you to. I know there is courage in humility. I’m just trying to encourage. Keep faith in God. Truth will certainly be revealed. Today, I am grateful for the motivation that is growing in my spirit to stand for truth until the truth is revealed. That’s what this is about, after all.

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