Thursday, August 11, 2016

May 2, 2015:

Today, I am thankful for weekends. This morning, I thought to myself how nice it was to snuggle in and sleep late. That is to say, I try to wake myself up earlier during the week. I am grateful for my friends as well as church that I will go to in about an hour. I am grateful for my friends, Rob and Seyed that they enjoy playing the board game we play together. I am grateful for Eric and Spencer. I’ll be playing golf with Eric tomorrow morning. I am so grateful for good weather and for the fact that everyone is happy when they go outside. I forgot to mention that I bought some birdseed again this summer. I tossed quite a bit out in front of the house I live in. It took the birdies a while to find it but it’s such a beautiful thing to wake up in the morning to their lovely chirping and their shadows flying across my window. There are truly few things as joyful as watching birds in my opinion. Yesterday, around College and Yonge, in the subway station, I met a great man named Albert. I had the chance to speak to him for a minute. He doesn’t have anywhere to live or to go at night so I offered him 40$. When he started to tell me about his problems, as real as they are, I tried to encourage him, telling him that it is not this life we are living for and asked if he’d heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. He told me that he was a believer but said that there were a few things in the Bible he didn’t understand. He said he didn’t understand the Hebrew Testament and much of the Revelation of John. I didn’t get an opportunity to ask him what he didn’t understand about these books because he told me politely that I should go so he could ask people for money. I pray that I get another chance to see him again to answer any questions he has. He is in my prayers. I feel the need to apologize, journal. I feel as though I have slighted myself in a sense by bringing up the past. This is in reference to a couple of entries ago from when I reposted an entry. The fact is that they are very real problems for me that will not just go away overnight. They will continue to have an effect on everything I do. But, in my healing I have made a commitment to not bring up issues from the past in order to live in the moment. I’m not saying that is what we need to do. In a large way, we have to address the issues that trouble us in order to move on. I just feel I’m at a state now where I am doing better and can let some things settle.

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