Sunday, August 14, 2016

Some notes:

I think that people believe that I allowed myself to become the way I am. A lot of people assume that our perceptions and lot in life are a person’s own choice. This is hardly an appropriate thing to suggest to the child who has been deeply hurt since the beginning of their life. The way they view the world, their development and their ability to cope with stress will be significantly affected by a force outside of their control. Surely, it is the individual’s choice now, as an adult. But that choice is deeply impaired now because of a fractured upbringing. And we cannot blame them for having difficulty now. This is why child abuse is so deplorable. The reason I came. It affects a life, for its entire course. It is our responsibility to help where we can. The way to heal of this is through accepting the love of our Lord Jesus. Today, I am thankful that everything is possible through God the Father and faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Today, I am thankful that I may be playing poker with my friends tomorrow. I also may be going on a hot air balloon ride. Today, I’m thankful for being thought of. One of the senior members of my church emailed me today to let me know that he is praying for me and my prayer request that I wrote down for them last week. I am grateful for TTC employees who are always very kind to me. It is important to maintain a perception of gratitude even in the darkness. We’re grateful because of the amazing gift already given to us.

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