Thursday, August 11, 2016

February 7, 2015:

Today, I’m feeling a lot of grief and loss. Yesterday, I consciously processed one of the worst memories I’ve had return to me so far in my life. Feeling through the memory has been a difficult process but I truly feel that in the long run, my tackling this will give me strength. This afternoon, I had another realization about my life, further realizing why I distrusted God and His love while working on my inner child healing. In spite of everything that is falling down all around me, I will praise God and rejoice in my sufferings. Today, I am thankful that while I am alive, I have the ability to heal and consciously address wounds from my past. I am grateful I can still help my inner child. I’m thankful that I will have church to go to tonight and games later with friends. I am thankful for the fact that Michelle still wants to have coffee with me. I am grateful mostly for the identity of Christ that God has placed on my heart. I have faith in God and will never lose it. I am worthy, beautiful, worthwhile, loveable, hopeful, empathetic, and saved human being. I am thankful for the Cross.

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