Monday, August 22, 2016

January 7, 2016:

It’s still feeling weird adding a 16 to the end of the date… Anyways, this morning I went to a restaurant I enjoy for lunch where I had a fruit bowl. I went to the gym today again. It felt good. Altogether, I’m feeling stronger, more confident and grounded, empowered these past couple of days. I’m almost done editing this book. I’m actually in suspense for its ending. It’s a great book! My fast is going well but I am realizing I have to put in a bit more effort into prayer during this time and to treating it with a bit more respect. This morning, on the bus on Steeles, there was a man who was drunk who started shouting and yelling on the bus. After some time of shouting weird things, he stood and toppled over. When he got up, he was trying to be nice to a guy who remained seated. He was patting the seated guy on the back. It was clear the seated guy didn’t appreciate what he was doing. Until they almost got into a fight. I tried to calm the sober guy. The reason I tried to do that was for my concern for the drunk guy. The drunk guy started to become obscene. The police came. I left. I felt really badly for the guy who had been drinking. There have been times in the past when I have started up conversations with guys who were yelling and murmuring on the bus. These are people who are hurting. Anyways, this experience reminded me of my purpose. The reason we’re all here. To help others in their time of need. Whatever the reason for his hurting, we need to reach out. And there is usually a reason. Even a reason for why they are on drugs in the first place. But it is not an excuse for bad behavior. ‘It’s not the healthy who need a doctor.’ Visiting my friends Seyed and Rob tomorrow. Went grocery shopping today after the gym. I bought my fruits. Saturday, I am going to my friend Adam’s place in Keswick. I love spending time with him and his family. Sunday, I will go to church.

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