Saturday, August 13, 2016

June 5, 2015:

Had an absolutely incredible week! I am so thankful for the retreat from which I just returned. I have so much to say but am so incredibly tired right now. Feeling so stressed out yet so much release this week that when I got home, I ordered a pizza. Haven’t done that for a while and don’t intend to keep doing it. But I have so much to say and will journal again soon. Today I am thankful, grateful and honored to have undergone this incredible journey with the brave brothers who were part of it with me. I am so blessed and feel that Spirit was with me there throughout the whole thing. A reason I feel I got so much out of the experience was because I was able to strengthen my faith during the process. I was in the Word and in prayer a lot over the week. It felt so beautiful to express the feelings I was feeling, the anger and other negativity and replace them with so much positivity. The positivity that can only be found in Christ Jesus. I feel like a changed man. And I feel an ease at expressing myself because of the tension release I experienced there. In any case, I will update you very soon, journal. Thank you for being such an incredible tool and friend on this journey. It may sound funny, my saying that to my journal, but it’s me. It’s my feelings and thoughts. And I have very much come to learn through the support, validation and encouragement and release this week that I matter. I deserve love and affection and to be encouraged and listened to. I deserve everything good in this life.

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