Thursday, August 11, 2016

March 23, 2015:

Today I am thankful for the financial opportunity to help people who are in need. Today, I gave an older gentleman a twenty dollar bill when he’d asked me for money to buy a soup. He was so grateful. He practically kissed my hand. A bit later, I saw another woman I have given to in the past. The thing that impresses me most about this woman is her faith. The reason I have chosen to continue to offer her money to buy groceries for her children. Their gratitude is the only reason that I choose to give this much money to others. I see they are so encouraged by the gift I give them. I am so happy to help them. Even though, every time I give money to the woman (and I’ve given her more than 500$ in the past) she always asks for more money. I still see that she is grateful and will glorify God with her spending. Praise God for good people, who with their own gifts, will do good things in what ways they are able. I’m glad to be able to help them to do these things. Today, I am glad to be alive. In spite of the sufferings of my heart, I will rejoice in challenge and praise God through the difficulties. An explanation about my entry from yesterday: It is always helpful to voice your feelings, in order to process the emotions. And though, while cynical, is not an accurate reflection about how I feel all of the time. God is always good. Writing this as a reminder to pray for Michael, the man who I offered twenty dollars to today. He asked me to pray for him. As well, later, in church, I saw the woman again praying before evening service.

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